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Nick Weaver explains the VCE model: I like the of VCE. If I was building out a new data center you can bet one of my first calls would be about Vblocks.

Bruno van de Werve (CCIE R&S program manager) posts a video at Worth watching if you are worried about what you might see on the lab. If you are worried stop it. Does not matter what terminal program, what diagram or what size monitor you have if you know what you are dong. Hope this video puts you at ease a little bit more.

That is all I have worth posting. Been slacking too much on the blog so baby stepping back into it.

Dell’s alternative to container based DC’s
Pretty cool alternative to standard shipping containers.

Packet Pushers podcast
Very high quality podcast from some senior level networking guys. Well worth your time to listen to each week. Also has shorter “runt” episodes at random times.

802.1Qbg and 802.1Qbh
May want to read up on these. Very possibly could be what your deploying in your data center sooner then you think. Will be interesting to see how these and what Cisco is doing will play out over the next year with the virtualization of the data center. VEPA, TRILL and FabricPath; get to know these terms.

A number of VMware related links since VMworld was this week. Don’t expect that every week.

Multiple Hop FCoE 101
Ivan Pepelnjak gives the 101 on FCoE. If you do any data center work you need to know this. As time goes on converged I/O will be very important to you. site taken down for too much usage.
The owner of the site had tickets open with MediaTemple on performance issues and was apparently paying based on CPU usage but without warning they pulled the plug on his site as it get too busy for them. Do your disaster plans rely on the “cloud” being up? Because some times it goes down, better plan for that in your enterprise.

VCDX Journey
While I have no desire to ever do this reading Chris’s post about his VCDX journey is worth reading to keep up with what the guys who attach to our networks are doing for expert level certifications.

vShield – Security, Load Balancing, etc from VMware
Need to read up on this more personally. Lots of traditional tasks of the network team keep moving to the server team.

CIsco VSG for 1000v
More VMware security, this time all Cisco. With this you can define firewall policy at a per VM level which of course follows the VM when it vMotions. I need to read up on this a lot more.

vSphere for the iPad
Can you imagine your server guys sitting on beach with a 3G iPad kicking off a vMotion? It might happen soon.