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Upgrading a Cisco 6500

21 March 2010 — 1 Comment

Whenever I get a good idea for a post its come out of something I have done that I think others might find helpful or I was looking for something but did not find a good answer. In first case I usually will search for content before posting because if someone else did it better I see no reason for meto do it again. In second case I usually take  my time to do it right and when I am working on it someone else usally beast me too it so I really just don’t have much content.

Thats what happened with the 6500 upgrade post. Check out Ruhann’s post at He did a great job in summing up the steps so I am not going to waste time doing that here.

I was going to do a great post on the modular IOS on the 6500 pre-SXI3 and post SXI3 but so far I am not sure exactly where Cisco is going with the newest modular IOS (12.2(33)SXI3 and later) because the hallmark of the old install process was the “install file” command. You can read all about it at But that process is now gone, look at the release notes for 12.2(33)SXI3: and you will se that process is deprecated.

So what now? Just install it like any old IOS upgrade and you have modular IOS. Pretty simple. Now make sure you read up on modular IOS before you chose it as it has some hardware limitation (some SIP modules for example.) Most people who have gone to modular IOS have been happy but not everyone. It has taken awhile to get fully stable which is funny because its supposed to be more stable. So read up on it and hopefully with SXI4 I will have something to add to this post.

This is Cisco big announcement for the CCIE Lab today, you can read about it at

The short version is if you take a class at an approved 360 vendor you can apply for a waiver to skip the OEQ’s on your lab date. While just 4 questions and 30 minutes you HAVE to pass that section to pass the lab. This means they are essentially eliminating 1/3 of the lab for you! I don’t like this. While my favorite instructor (Narbik) is 360 approved I think this is a bad idea. It gives people who used the Cisco preferred vendors 1/3 of their passing score before walking in and it give them an extra 30 minutes on what most see as the hardest section (configuration) because of lack of time. It is purely a money grab. I understand what Cisco wanted to do here, they wanted to eliminate the need for proctors to manually grad questions that open for interpretation. I relate this to back when I took drivers ed. Texas had just passed a law that if you took and passed drivers ed you no longer needed to pass a road test. Which was great, I did not need to mess with that test as I already knew how to drive! However not everyone knew how to drive but still got this exemtion because my drivers ed had not final test! If did all the work you passed. You think the drivers ed place is going to fail students who are then going to go tell their friend to go elsewhere? I see the potential for the same thing possibly happening here. Why would a 360 vendor deny a student a waiver? They are just going to Twitter/Group Study/etc and talk bad about them which is bad for business. I don’t want to imply vendors ARE going to give undeserving students waivers as I know a several of them will not do that. Just the potential for accusations of impropriety exist with this change.

While its too late to get Cisco to change they did say this is temporary but will give at least 60-days notice before it ends. So for at least the next 60 days its part of life, just need to deal with it. I do see this as the first step in removing the OEQ from the labs that have troubleshooting sections so that is a good thing.

On a side note about Narbik, he did say he is not in favor of this change while CCBootCamp is taking credit for the idea as theirs.

The cost is NOT going up $1000!!! Read closer, its just going up $495!!! Thats less then $500 more and you get all of Narbik 2.0 AND 360. Retakes are always going to be free, the cost I was talking about is for the 360 materials, NOT retaking the class.

Now go sign up! He talked more about it today, it will be totally worth it.

Narbik + Cisco 360

6 July 2009 — 3 Comments


The cost is NOT going up $1000!!! Read closer, its just going up $495!!! Thats less then $500 more and you get all of Narbik 2.0 AND 360. Retakes are always going to be free, the cost I was talking about is for the 360 materials, NOT retaking the class.

So since Narbik announced he was going to join 360 there has been much speculation on what that is going to mean. So far all the details that have come out came from the best source, Narbik himself. You can read those comments here:

Well that was about a week and a half ago and today I started my bootcamp with Narbik. This is my 2nd time to sit the class so I knew what to expect going in and was really wondering about what the 360 program would do to the class. Narbik started the class just like last time talking about himself, his background and his teaching style. This lead into him talking about 2.0 class and 360. This class is 2.0 beta, meaning the 2.0 workbooks are not 100% final and this class was still geared at the 3.0 blueprint but we have beta volumes 1-8 of 2.0 workbooks. Starting in August he will move to his new Best of the Best class which is Narbik 2.0 and Cisco 360, both of which will be for blueprint 4.0. His workbooks will be 12 volumes! This included new volumes on the new topics which I don’t know the full breakdown but its MPLS, Traffic Engineering, Layer 2 & 3 VPN’s, EIGRPv6 plus a brain teaser volume of crazy hard scenarios. I know the LDP and TE topics are pulled directly from his forthcoming SP class so this material will go way beyond what is needed for R&S. In addition to those new Narbik 2.0 volumes you will also get the current official 360 books. The cost will go up to $2995, I really can’t remember what he said. Really a small increase for added a 2nd vendors program it and the cost is not going up the full close to $1000 per student he now has to pay Cisco.

As for the class room portion the format will stay the same but will use his 2.0 materials, he still will not use the overhead projector at all, the schedule will be the same with adding MPLS and L3 VPN on Wednesday (if you have taken the class, you know the rest of the scheduled). He is going to add a 2nd bootcamp that is calling series 2 with series 1 being what he has always done. Series 2 will be more along of the lines of a mock lab experience week but he is not calling them mock labs. Basically he will lecture though the entire lab then you will do the lab. This again will be material he has written, not from the official 360 books. He said series 1 will will be all details on a scale of level 1-10 with series 2 being 11+ and the actual lab being a ~7. More details on that later.

Now why did he do all this? Well it sounds like as most people he feels two vendors is the way to go so rather then saying go get IPx, INE or whoever the student ends up with he is providing that second vendor. That way he will know the material and can help his students with getting that second perspective on things. He at first said he did like the 360 program but of all the vendors besides him he felt it was the best, thus the name of his new program the best of the best. What about the whole regional specific nature of the official partners? Well now he has to change his web site, he can’t have all the countries in one place. You will now have to click to the country you are in then you can get to classes in your region. What about retakes? He students still get FREE retakes, just if you want new workbooks printed will be a cost (as has always been the case.)

Now he said all that first thing this morning I have sat though hours of lecture and done over 150+ pages of labs so my memory on the details may not exact. He does have a new web site coming as early as next week with all the details on it so think of this as a preview where details may change. Bottom line is from what I have heard him say I am still going to 100% recommend this new class to anyone, Narbik is one of the best instructors out there and really cares about his students. Now its a few more labs for me then its off to bed to do this all over again tomorrow.